Darth Vader’s less scary brother, Darth Cupcake

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Darth Vader’s less scary brother, Darth Cupcake  “Darth Vader” that just sounds tough, scary, and evil. The effect would not have been the same if they called him “Darth Cupcake”. That sounds silly, wimpy, and even emasculating. We can do ourselves a huge favor by giving disempowering, silly, or emasculating names to those characters in […]

Support vs criticism

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Support vs criticism  What’s the ratio of support to judgment, criticism, and opinions that you receive from others? What’s the ratio of support to judgment, criticism, and opinions that you give to others? What would happen if we gave more support and less of the other stuff? Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ […]

Outwitting Our Thinking

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Outwitting Our Thinking  Sabine was sitting next to me on the roller coaster. She was about to ride for the first time. I could see, feel, and hear her starting to get anxious. I figured that this would most likely turn out to be a scary experience for her rather than an exciting experience if […]

Experiences and Expectations

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Experiences and Expectations  I recently wrote a Daily Dose about how easy it was to find our Christmas tree this year and how we were challenged by this and our struggle to allow it to be easy. This little event made it crystal clear to me how our experiences create our expectations and then many […]

The straight path, the winding path

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The straight path, the winding path  This morning I had an appointment in an area of town that I was not familiar with so I used my GPS to get me there. I left it on for the drive home. The whole drive home, the GPS kept doing its job trying to get me back […]

Waterslide Thinking

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Waterslide Thinking Once we start down a waterslide, we don’t have to do much to get to the end. It just takes us there. That’s what slippery slopes do. This is a pretty good analogy for thought paths. Once we start, it is pretty easy to end up where that thought takes us. If it […]

Safe to Rest

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Safe to Rest It is so important to explore our consciousness and uncover those hidden limiting beliefs because they are negatively impacting us every single day. And we don’t even know they are there doing their sabotaging work. A couple of weeks ago I had a session. Since my 20’s I’ve always felt like I […]

Gateway to success

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Gateway to success We can only be as successful as our thoughts and beliefs will allow. Good thing we can upgrade our thoughts and beliefs. Much Love,  Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know someone who […]

The Other Shoe Meets Rube Goldberg

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The Other Shoe Meets Rube Goldberg There’s a common bit of head trash about waiting for the other shoe to fall (expecting that something bad will happen). If you happen to suffer from this bit of head trash, here are two ways that you can twist it to your benefit. What if the other shoe […]

Our identity is a conversation

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Our identity is a conversation We create all kinds of limiting identities without even knowing it. We have stuff like: I’m the kind of person who struggles with money. I’m the kind of person who has limited success. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t get what he wants. I’m the kind of person who […]

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