That’s not my project

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That’s not my project  It is impossible for us to be responsible for anyone’s mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual well-being because we are not in control of their brain. But, we often try to be responsible. And when we do, we inevitably end up suffering. My mom is having challenges in all these areas as […]

Making sense of behaviors

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Making sense of behaviors  Strange, perplexing, annoying, dysfunctional, and sabotaging behaviors all make sense when we uncover the stories behind them. Here are a handful of common stories behind some of these behaviors to illustrate this point: Procrastination ~ I’m not ready. It probably won’t work. I don’t deserve to have that anyway. I’ll do […]

Parrot Coaching

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Parrot Coaching If I got a parrot and taught it to say, “Based on these results, what must you believe?”, the parrot would be able to do part of my job for me. Our behaviors (no matter how strange) and our results (no matter how disappointing) always make perfectly good sense when we understand the […]

Why does it hurt so bad?

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Why does it hurt so bad? Chuck Finley (my daughter’s pet rabbit) died earlier tonight. She’s devastated and hurting. At one point she asked, “Why does it hurt so bad dad?” What she is experiencing is the downside to opening our hearts, being vulnerable, and loving someone (or Chuck the rabbit). It can hurt at […]

Already Good

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Already Good What would be the impact on our lives if we truly realized that we are already doing good? What if we actually gave ourselves full credit for what we have already accomplished, the millions of successes we have already had, and how good our lives already are? What if we let go of […]

Better off jumping

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Better off jumping My daughter went on a rafting trip last week. Her favorite part of the trip was when she screwed up her courage enough to jump off a cliff and into the river. This reminded me of an experience I had on a rafting trip back in high school. My friend and I […]

Backflips for Serenity

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Backflips for Serenity 29 years ago (perhaps even to the day) I was totally stressed out about my life. I had recently graduated from college and was about to leave for the Peace Corps. I was out of sorts and confused about what I wanted to do with my life. So, I went to the […]


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Insanity Einstein said that doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is insanity. If we want things to be different, we either need to do something different or we need to be someone different. That’s where my favorite question, “Based on these results, what must I believe?” comes into play. […]

Better Off

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Better Off People often get trapped in their heads about doing business and making sales. They question things like: Is it okay to sell? Am I taking this person’s money which leaves less for them? Is it okay to reach out to someone from my past simply to try and do business? Are they just […]

The Power of “Of Course”

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The Power of “Of Course” Talking to yourself using “of course” is a great way to upgrade your self-image and recondition your brain for greater success. Of course people want to work with me / join my business. Of course I can achieve that goal. Of course I do great work at am great at […]

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