The wrong to-do list

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The wrong to-do list  The temptation is to fill our schedules with action items that are in our comfort zone. This gives us a mock sense of accomplishment because we can point to all that we got done. But ultimately, this doesn’t support us in becoming the person we want to be or in achieving […]

Time to reevaluate

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Time to reevaluate   I have been writing the Daily Dose of Jonathan for years now. And, almost every Dose has been written on the day it was sent out. My story for doing it this way rather than having them queued up in advance is that it honors my freedom and spontaneity. However, it […]

A bad idea

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A bad idea  Sales training teaches us that if we make a prospect feel stupid, they probably are not going to buy from us. We can do this by using jargon, big words, acronyms, by making things unnecessarily complicated, by acting superior . . . That seems like a good strategy to apply everywhere in […]

Rise up or give up (part 2 of bungee cords and ladders)

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Rise up or give up (part 2 of bungee cords and ladders)  Yesterday’s Dose talked about how limiting beliefs, poor self-image, and other head trash act like bungee cords attached to our waist as we try and climb the ladder of success. As we try and climb, we keep getting pulled back down off the […]

More will power and more effort are not the answer

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More will power and more effort are not the answer  If I have a story that if they say “no” then I will die – then it will take a lot of will power and effort and angst for me to make phone calls to prospective clients. And, I’m going to end up not making […]

Just a smidgen more

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Just a smidgen more  I was halfway through my work out on the rowing machine yesterday when I did the math and saw that my pace wasn’t quite going to get me to my goal. I also realized that I did not need to go crazy and make up the difference in the next 30 […]

1001 Daily Doses

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1001 Daily Doses   How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. This is the 1001st Daily Dose of Jonathan. If I had tried to sit down and write 1001 Doses, I would have been overwhelmed and probably never started. But by taking it a bite at a time, here we are. […]

Words and focus

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Words and focus  Our words determine our focus and what we focus on is what we get – whether it is what we do want or what we do not want. Are we getting out of debt or creating wealth? Are we fixing problems or working on improvement projects? Are we losing weight or getting […]

Win the Day

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Win the Day  Big goals typically are not achieved in a day. I cannot lose 40lbs today. I cannot go from out of shape to marathon ready in a day. I’m probably not going to double my income today. We cannot climb a mountain by taking one big step. However, we can climb that same […]

Poking holes in the other side of the life raft

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Poking holes in the other side of the life raft Imagine being in a life raft, poking holes in the other side of the life raft, and then laughing because those people are getting wet. That would be a very short sighted strategy. So, how often have we applied this strategy? Have you ever taken […]

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