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Circumstances  I received an email asking about dealing with a circumstance. Here’s my answer: Regardless of the stimulus or the circumstance (no matter how true, real, or justified it seems) – any time that we close our hearts, we lose. Never have I closed my heart and had my life get better. Never. Yes, unpleasant […]

Love not judgment

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Love not judgment  Nobody needs more judgment. Many people need more love. People need our love not our judgment. Loving others helps us to be kinder to ourselves. And being kinder to ourselves helps us to love others more. More love, less judgment. Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ if this Daily Dose […]

What people need most

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What people need most  Mostly people just need to know that they are loved. That is something we can always provide! Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ if this Daily Dose spoke to you, forward it to someone who would benefit from this message. Even better, invite them to subscribe. Help me in […]

Throwing ice cubes into the ocean

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Throwing ice cubes into the ocean  A couple of weeks ago, we were snorkeling in the Caribbean. If someone had thrown ice cubes into the delightful warm water around me, it wouldn’t have mattered. The volume of warm water was infinitely more than the volume of a few ice cubes. The impact of those ice […]

Cave Tubing Wisdom

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Cave Tubing Wisdom We went cave tubing (floating on a river that runs underneath a mountain) in Belize. The crystal-clear water in this beautiful river comes from springs. So, day in and day out this river is full of water that just comes out of the ground. Somehow this got me thinking about having a […]

A useful thing to remember

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A useful thing to remember A useful thing for us to remember when we think poorly of someone because they look different, think different, behave different etc. is that God loves that person just as much as God loves me. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does […]

When did boorish behavior become okay?

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When did boorish behavior become okay? I’m wondering if it is a newer idea that it is okay to treat people poorly and disrespectfully simply because they have a different opinion or if social media has simply made it easier to do so and to do so on a public stage? Either way ~ what’s […]

Designed to contribute

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Designed to contribute I believe that every human is designed to contribute to others, to make a difference, and to be of value to others. This is where true happiness and well-being show up. What do you think would happen to the quality of your life if you intended to be of value to anyone […]

Like and Love

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Like and Love People tend to do a lot of talking about what they do not like. If we pay attention, we will notice that every time we do this, our hearts close a little bit (or a lot). The consequences of our hearts closing are: lethargy, unhappiness, irritability, being uncentered, and being less magnetic […]

100 hash mark game

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100 hash mark game I invite you to play a game with me on Monday. Get a small piece of paper and carry it with you. Every time you say something positive to yourself (with emotion and enthusiasm) make a hash mark on the card. Aim for having at least 100 hash marks by the […]

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