A Mathematical Look At Life

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We are the sum total of all of our vibrations, the positive and the negative. And that sum total determines what we attract ~ and more importantly, our level of happiness. 9+7-6-8-9+11-4+3-6+9-5+5-6+7-8+3+6+2-5+8-3-4+7-1+9=21 Every hurt we forgive, every grudge we drop, every bit of head trash we release, every consciousness upgrade we make increases our total, […]


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If you are willing to upgrade your stories, the sky is the limit. If you are unwilling to change your stories, if you are attached to your stories – then look around because this is as good as it gets. Much love, Jonathan I would be grateful for your assistance. I write these Daily Doses […]

Goals vs Guidance

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Goals are good but not at the expense of ignoring or tuning out guidance. Guidance is God, Spirit, your soul whispering to you. When this happens, it pays to listen. Much love,   Jonathan Know someone else who would enjoy a daily dose? Here is the subscription link  bit.ly/1cwK52J     The Law of Attraction […]

Broken Promises

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We are the sum total of all our vibrations ~ positive and negative. And, chances are very good that you are holding on to some hurt from past broken promises that brings your overall vibration down and consequently degrades your field of attraction. We always have the choice to let go. Over the past few […]

The Illusion of Time Management

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People often talk about time management but we really cannot manage time. You cannot bank the time you saved today and have 24 hours and 45 minutes tomorrow. You cannot make the clock speed up or slow down. However, there are other things that we can manage. Priority Management: Are you spending your time on […]

I Quit

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There’s a myth that winners never quit. This just is not true. Winners have quit all kinds of things. They are winners because they know what to quit and what not to quit. There are all kinds of things that we can quit that would help us to become more of a winner. Here are […]

Beware The Trap Of ~ It Will Be Better When

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It seems logical. It seems so true that when this thing – whatever it is – changes, life will be better but it won’t. You will still be you with your same old lousy story. (Unless of course – you are doing personal growth work to upgrade your story.) I talked with a client recently […]

A Change Of Opinion

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A year ago, the boy we carpool to school with told my daughter that he did not like our Halloween decorations. Sabine was devastated. She loves our decorations. This was a chance to talk with her about not taking things personally. That this was just his opinion. It wasn’t right or wrong, it was just […]

Huge Favor – Forgive

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Want to do yourself a huge favor? Choose right now to forgive someone that you do not think you can forgive. Choose to free yourself from this tremendous burden you have been carrying around. It is time to set yourself free – do it for your own happiness, your own quality of life. Forgiving does […]

Life Will ALWAYS Do Its Job Very Well

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Life’s job is to teach us what we need to learn and or let go of in order to live our most magnificent amazing life. And, life is relentless at doing its job – you can count on it that life will show you where you are in your own way. So here’s the thing […]

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