Leadership and communication

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Leadership and communication  It does not matter what we say until we have taken care of how we say it. Any communication that we deliver with a charge, with anger or frustration, or with negative judgment most likely won’t be received the way we want it to be received. Instead, that person will react to […]


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GTD There is a time and a place to just get things done and then there is a time and place to get things done my way. If we know the difference, we can save ourselves a lot of stress and headache. If it is a situation where it is important to get things done […]

Two schools of leadership/ parenting/ supporting

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Two schools of leadership/ parenting/ supporting Is our fundamental premise that people are incompetent and need to be managed, prodded, motivated, and controlled or do people need to be unleashed and supported? The former creates dependency and hesitation. The latter creates independence and confidence. If you have created dependent people in your life then a […]

Coach gets his buttons pushed and pushes back

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Coach gets his buttons pushed and pushes back I’ve been thinking all day about a facebook thread I read this morning. It is a great case study. The volleyball coach made a substitution. The substitute promptly served into the net. The player who had been subbed for said, “seriously” and the coach heard her. She […]


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I heard a fascinating presentation from Tom Tillapaugh, the founder of The Denver Street School. He said that the key to helping at-risk youth is to have people who are willing to provide sacrificial intervention to the point of extreme inconvenience. i.e. they need support and mentoring from already successful people who already have full […]

What does support look like?

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A friend is experiencing stress and frustration because the way someone is trying to be supportive of her doesn’t work for her. Instead of feeling supported, important, valued, and inspired – she feels uninspired, frustrated, and not believed in. Whether this someone is a boss, upline, parent, friend, spouse, co-worker, etc. – this is not […]

Stern Serious and Playful Serious

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Stern Serious and Playful Serious That word “serious” tends to come with a lot of baggage. We don’t want to be too serious and no fun. We don’t want to be around people who are too serious. But we also want to be serious about growing our businesses or getting into shape – and things […]

Redefining Leadership

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Redefining Leadership Old school leadership says that good leaders have all the answers. Wow, what an impossible position. Let’s redefine what it means to be a good leader. What if we can let go of needing to have all the answers already and can instead ask the best questions to elicit the answer(s)! What if […]

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