I can do it myself (said with defiance)

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I can do it myself (said with defiance)  Many people have head trash about asking for and receiving assistance. The warped thinking behind this goes something like this ~ “I need to prove that I am enough. Asking for help is a sign of weakness. If I was enough, I’d be able to do this […]

Loosing myself in order to ascend

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Loosing myself in order to ascend  A common piece of counter-intent is that in order to take things to the next level, I’m going to have to either give up something that is important or that I have to give up being myself. Faced with this either/or choice, people choose to stay true to those […]

Don’t indulge

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Don’t indulge  A client of mine recently told me that she hears my voice in her head saying, “don’t indulge” when she’s tempted to fall into self-pity. Self-pity, or any other form of feeling lousy, is an indulgence. We don’t ever “have to” feel that way. We choose to. And when we choose to indulge […]

Rise up or give up (part 2 of bungee cords and ladders)

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Rise up or give up (part 2 of bungee cords and ladders)  Yesterday’s Dose talked about how limiting beliefs, poor self-image, and other head trash act like bungee cords attached to our waist as we try and climb the ladder of success. As we try and climb, we keep getting pulled back down off the […]

Bungee cords and ladders

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Bungee cords and ladders  Imagine having a bunch of bungee cords with one end attached to your waist and the other attached to the ground. Then imagine trying to climb a ladder. With each step up, the tension increases until “wham” you find yourself flat on your back on the ground. After a bit, you […]

The little dream stealers

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The little dream stealers  Of course, the big head trash stories create a lot of sabotage ~ I’m not worthy, I’m not enough, it is not okay to sell, I cannot be a good person and also make a lot of money etc. However, the subtle, little, seemingly innocent stories can cause a lot of […]

Kind of open for business

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Kind of open for business  I helped a chiropractor grow his business by 40% in less than a month. His head trash was the equivalent of having a sign on his front door that said, “kind of open for business”. So, people kind of came for treatment or they kind of didn’t. He was putting […]

Forgiveness of Self

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Forgiveness of Self  Is there anything that you haven’t forgiven yourself for doing (or not doing)? If we are honest with ourselves – most likely there are some areas of unforgiveness. If we cannot forgive ourselves, then on some level we are saying that we are bad and wrong. If we are bad and wrong […]

Punitive or corrective

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Punitive or corrective  I’ve been thinking about these two words a lot today. And, what I’ve seen is that I have a lot more punitive in me than I’d like to have. Is life’s job to harshly punish us when we make a mistake or to correct us so that we get back on track? […]


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Receiving  Q: Where does good come from? A: Other people! Q: Where does kindness, contribution, and support come from? A: Other people! Q: Where does money come from? A: Other people! So, if we have any head trash about receiving (most people do), then we are going to have some problems, deficiencies, and many opportunities […]

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