I am not the boss of you

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I am not the boss of you  Any time that someone does something that angers us, or annoys us, or frustrates us, or disappoints us, or . . ., it is very useful to remember that we are not the boss of that person’s life. Let it go! Let it go because any amount of […]

Painful expectations

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Painful expectations  For unknown reasons, my mom started retaining some water. So, she was prescribed a diuretic. The nurse told her that she would be up all night going to the bathroom. Well, that did not happen, and it caused my mom to stress out, worry, and think that something was wrong. Expectations created pain […]

Ego test

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Ego test  Any time that we feel hurt, we are living out of our ego. Ego has us take things personally, worry about what others think about us, and think that there’s a position we need to defend. This is not a good strategy for happiness, for success, or for peace of mind. Much Love, […]

Discomfort = the price of your ticket

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Discomfort = the price of your ticket  Average performers run away from discomfort. Above average performers take action in the face of discomfort. So, for most people, the work to be done is to start to embrace discomfort – to start to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If mediocrity is the goal then we don’t […]

The wrong to-do list

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The wrong to-do list  The temptation is to fill our schedules with action items that are in our comfort zone. This gives us a mock sense of accomplishment because we can point to all that we got done. But ultimately, this doesn’t support us in becoming the person we want to be or in achieving […]

Counter intent

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Counter intent    It is so easy for counter intent to sneak into our thinking and cause problems. I want to grow my business but . . . I don’t want to lose my freedom or be too busy. I want to have a significant other but . . . I don’t want to get […]

Average is okay???

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Average is okay???  If your goal is to be average and to live a mediocre life, then you do not need to push yourself. And, this is a valid choice – boring but valid. However, if we want more from life, we will have to push ourselves. Oftentimes we won’t feel like doing this. These […]

MasterCard, Visa, or Discomfort

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MasterCard, Visa, or Discomfort  If we want to get from point A to point B via airplane, we will need a ticket. There are some costs involved in getting this ticket – time, effort, and money. If we want to go from where we are now to better results or a better life, there is […]

Life Trajectory

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Life Trajectory  If we want to change the trajectory of our lives, we are going to have to get uncomfortable. We get to choose between the comfortableness and familiarity of the status quo or the discomfort and unfamiliarity of better. Which do you choose – in theory and in reality? Do theory and reality match? […]

Reaching out when we don’t want to

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Reaching out when we don’t want to So often we don’t reach out for support at those very times that we need it the most. When this happens, we are believing some lousy story in our heads – things like: I don’t want to be an inconvenience, it would be embarrassing if people knew what […]

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