Delayed results

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Delayed results  I planted a bunch of bulbs in my garden last year. They didn’t do much. This year I already have a bunch of flowers. A friend of mine used to own some vineyards. He told me that this year’s grapes grow on last year’s vines. This year’s new vines won’t produce any fruit. […]

Self-worth calculation

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Self-worth calculation  What is it that you have allowed to define your worth as a human being? The size of your bank account What the bathroom scale says Number of friends The car you drive Ability to do something Some detail of your physical appearance Relationship status Etc. We are so very much more than […]

I am supported

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I am supported  Many people have a story about not being supported. This perceived lack of support could be by a significant other, a parent, a boss, a friend, an upline, or even God. But is this story accurate? We will always find evidence that supports our view point. And in that process, we will […]

I approve of me

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I approve of me  Say out loud, “I approve of me!” Chances are it brings a smile to your face and makes you feel good. Our need for approval (Do they like me? Do I fit in? Do I belong? What do they think of me? Etc.) is a super strong driver in our lives […]

Insight into action

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Insight into action We can have insight all day long but if we don’t put it into action. . . The more volume of action we have, the more chances we have to hit home runs. Even the great creative geniuses were a volume play. Inventor, Thomas Edison, accumulated 2,332 patents worldwide for his inventions. […]

Better off jumping

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Better off jumping My daughter went on a rafting trip last week. Her favorite part of the trip was when she screwed up her courage enough to jump off a cliff and into the river. This reminded me of an experience I had on a rafting trip back in high school. My friend and I […]

Owning our value and expertise

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Owning our value and expertise  I got a call today from a past client. She was very excited because she had collected two nice checks in the last week for something that she used to do for free. She had learned to appropriately value her own expertise and experience. She had learned that she is […]

It is all packaging

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It is all packaging   Any time that we get upset, feel bad, or harshly judge ourselves about our bodies and about how we look – we are confusing the packaging with who we really are. Tall, short, wide, thin, big nose, small nose, freckled, straight teeth, crooked teeth, six-pack abs, 1-fluffy-pack abs . . […]

It is always about the stories

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It is always about the stories   I’ve talked about stories many times and it is such an important topic that it is worth talking about again. I had a group coaching call today and every issue that we addressed (procrastination, lack of consistency, follow up challenges, hesitancy to ask more from life since it […]

Life Described by Legos

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Life Described by Legos Imagine that you are building a huge structure out of Legos and that you need to add another Lego piece every minute. Now imagine that every so often you hit a funk and get into an “I don’t feel like it” mode. In these times, you just add a random Lego […]

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