Escaping the pull of gravity

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Escaping the pull of gravity  Here’s a great question: Did I get outside of my comfort zone today? If the answer to this question is frequently “no” then don’t expect your outcomes to improve. If the answer is “yes”, give yourself a pat on the back and then get ready to do it again tomorrow. […]

An incident in the parking lot

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An incident in the parking lot  The other day I gave another driver the “you go ahead wave”. She did go ahead but she didn’t wave, smile, or acknowledge my gesture. This got me to thinking. If this isolated instance was an accurate portrayal of how she does life then she doesn’t have a chance […]

After the fact

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After the fact  When we have that realization after the fact: I didn’t do what I wanted to in that situation I made a mistake I did that thing again There’s a better way to handle that Etc. What do we do next? Do we beat up on ourselves, or do we let it go? […]

I approve of me

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I approve of me  Say out loud, “I approve of me.” When you say that, does it feel true or not true? We always find the evidence necessary to support our view point. So, we can either search for reasons to approve of ourselves, or we can search for reasons to disapprove of ourselves. Most […]

Sub-normal is the new normal

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Sub-normal is the new normal  Remember back to when you were a kid. The sky was the limit for us. We thought just about anything was possible. What happened? There’s so much less possibility in most people’s thinking than they used to have. This reduced level, this sub-normal level, of expectation, optimism, hope, excitement, and […]

The root cause of all upsets

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The root cause of all upsets  Every time that we get upset, get mad, or get our feelings hurt, it ultimately comes from believing that we are not enough. The triggering event reminds us that we do not believe that we are enough and then we get upset – with someone or something rather than […]

On My Own

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On My Own  Imagine a toddler trying to walk across some uneven ground. He or she is sure to fall. Then imagine that same toddler holding an adult’s hand and walking over that uneven ground. He or she can do it now with this assist. We often think that we are on our own and […]

Brutality of disappointment

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Brutality of disappointment  Many times, there are potential action items that we are uncomfortable doing. We can make it easier to do these things when we get honest with ourselves about how painful it is to be disappointed in ourselves. When we don’t do the thing(s) that would move us forward, we end up feeling […]

How willing?

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How willing?  How willing are you to listen to those little God whispers and then act on them? The other day, I heard the God whisper and then acted on it even though it was far outside my comfort zone. It had a big positive impact on that person. Tonight, someone did that for me. […]

Winning minds by winning hearts

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Winning minds by winning hearts  It seems to me that the most effective ways to win people’s minds is to first win their hearts. We can do that by helping them, caring for them, and treating them with kindness. There’s a great story in one of my favorite books, The Happiest Man in the World by […]

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