Real reality vs virtual reality

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Real reality vs virtual reality  The people from facebook had a virtual reality exhibit set up in Center Village at Copper Mountain today. One of the facebook guys asked me if I wanted to check it out. I told him that since I was there skiing (and the skiing was wonderful) I would stick to […]

Theoretical GPS

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Theoretical GPS  People frequently make where they are at bad and wrong. They, or their results, shouldn’t be there. They should be somewhere else. It isn’t bad or wrong. It is simply where we are at. Once we know where we are at then we can decide what to do next. We can plan, strategize, […]

Experiences and Expectations

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Experiences and Expectations  I recently wrote a Daily Dose about how easy it was to find our Christmas tree this year and how we were challenged by this and our struggle to allow it to be easy. This little event made it crystal clear to me how our experiences create our expectations and then many […]

Resistance equals opportunity

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Resistance equals opportunity  In physical training, it is the resistance that makes our muscles stronger. In personal growth training, our resistance shows us where we have work to do. Then we do the work by a combination of 1) pushing through the resistance and doing it anyway and 2) doing the letting go work to […]

Let’s believe in Santa again

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Let’s believe in Santa again  If you were to ask me to join you in believing in Santa again, I would decline your offer. I would decline because I cannot see any benefit in believing that again. I know that no presents are going to magically appear under the tree. If I try to sit […]

Thinking Test

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Thinking Test  Here’s an easy test to determine if our thinking is on track or off track: Does our thinking entertain us? Does it add quality and possibility to our lives? If the answer is yes, then we want to keep on thinking the kind of thoughts we habitually think. If the answer is no, […]

Two Legs

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Two Legs  Walking works much better than hopping as a strategy for getting from point A to point B. Using two legs works better than using one leg. Success requires both psychology and tactics. Let’s call these the two legs of success. We need both. The people who are too busy doing things to spend […]

Reverse Cherry Picking

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Reverse Cherry Picking                                Cherry picking ~ selectively choosing the best or most beneficial from what is available. If I was picking cherries to make a cherry pie, I would pick the ripe ones. I would not pick the over-ripe, under-ripe, […]

The other kind of identity theft

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The other kind of identity theft  I heard a presentation about identity theft this morning. Sadly, this is a booming enterprise. However, there’s another kind of identity theft that is far more costly and damaging. And even worse, we have done it to ourselves. We have given up our identity of being brilliant, talented, fabulous […]

Can it really be this easy?

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Can it really be this easy?  Last Saturday we took our annual trip to the forest to cut down a Christmas tree. In years past, it has taken quite a bit of doing to get us to all agree on the same tree. And then by the time this happens we have a long hike […]

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