Celebration and satisfaction

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Celebration and satisfaction If we don’t celebrate ourselves, our lives, and our success then how can we hope to experience joy, happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction? p.s. The Cure for Procrastination on May 24 www.jonathanmanske.com/procrastinationcure Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ if this Daily Dose spoke to you, forward it to someone who would […]

Procrastination and overwhelm

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Procrastination and overwhelm  Oftentimes the first step in dealing with procrastination and overwhelm is self-forgiveness. When we procrastinate and or get overwhelmed, we are not bad or wrong or defective. We are merely human. But people treat themselves like they are bad, wrong, or defective. Once we forgive ourselves, we allow ourselves to be human […]

Triggers and Plans

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Triggers and Plans  If we don’t have a plan (and so often we don’t) to deal with getting triggered, then we just react. And, we usually react poorly. And, we will certainly get triggered. It is a part of life. If we have a pre-thought-out plan, then we can make a choice that serves us […]

Greater Heights

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Greater Heights  The lie in mass consciousness is that we can beat ourselves to greater heights. Somehow, we got stuck with the idea that negative self talk and the like will spur us on to better performance. However, that idea is total crap. We can go into the laboratory and prove that beating up on […]

Discount or Celebrate

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Discount or Celebrate  I biked the Bluffs Regional Park Trail this morning. (This is part of my new plan to devote more time and effort to my physical fitness. The climb up the bluff is a decent workout. It is fairly steep without any breaks.) I made it to the top just fine but had […]

I’m not into shame

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I’m not into shame   The other day I was working with a client on letting go of shame. The energy was so intense that I felt sick to my stomach. This got me to thinking about shame and how much shame there is in the world and how toxic shame is. For example ~ […]

Support vs criticism

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Support vs criticism  What’s the ratio of support to judgment, criticism, and opinions that you receive from others? What’s the ratio of support to judgment, criticism, and opinions that you give to others? What would happen if we gave more support and less of the other stuff? Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ […]

Okay to be human

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Okay to be human  Human beings make mistakes. Humans are less than perfect. This is a part of being alive. However, many people have stories that it is not okay to make a mistake, or not safe to make a mistake, or that they need to be perfect. This puts people in an impossible position […]

Drifting along like a tumbling tumbleweed

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Drifting along like a tumbling tumbleweed  Tumbleweeds go wherever the wind decides to take them. They just drift. If we don’t know what matters most and where we want to go and then if we don’t have a plan and act around that plan – then we become human tumbleweeds. We just drift. And, the […]

If you were to talk yourself out of something . . .

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If you were to talk yourself out of something . . .  If you were to talk yourself out of something, what would that sound like? I’m tired. I don’t feel like it. I’ll do it later. . . What is your default excuse? I invite you to be on the lookout for your default […]

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